Top 10 Tips to Targeted Traffic for Online Home Businesses

Every internet home based business owner’s goal is to increase web traffic.  More traffic means more prospects which of course also mean bigger sales potential.   Search engine optimization is the key to achieving targeted traffic.

All online marketers must know the basics of search engine optimization.  Even if you intend to hire an seo expert to the job for you, doing some optimization yourself will also make a difference.  Here are the top ten tips to targeted traffic using seo techniques:

1)Target your keywords. Keywords and key phrases play an important role in seo.  The key is finding specific keywords that are used by internet users when they are in search of products or services you offer.  General terms simply will not work because there is too much competition.  On the contrary, specific key phrases that are descriptive are the way to reach your target market.

2)Use meta tags.
Search engines pick up key words from the meta tags used in web pages.  Don’t overlook this important feature in your website.  Use carefully chosen keywords in the meta tags of each of your pages.

3)Stay away from flash animations and other coding. Search engines can only read HTML codes.  Flash, javascript and java are just some of the codes that hinder search engine spiders from accessing your pages.

4)Provide links to quality websites. Providing a link list on your site will make your website a credible resource of information.  Just make sure that websites you link to also have quality and informative content.

5)Submit to search engines. Submit your URL to the major search engine directories such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, AOL, DMOZ and others.

6)Provide quality, fresh content. Keep your site updated with quality and fresh content to keep your visitors coming back.  If you can’t write your own articles, hire a freelance writer who will write your content for you.  Keep in mind that people are always hungry for new information.

7)Submit your articles to directories. Submitting your articles to directories will expose your link to more people on the web.  Don’t forget your author resource box at the bottom of your articles.  It should contain your name, the industry you belong and the URL to your website.  If you want, you can also include your e-mail to let people reach you more easily.

8)Offer free stuff.  Everybody loves free stuff.
Offering a free e-book, discount coupons, free newsletter, etc. will make a big difference in how people respond to your website.

9)Offer free advice. Sharing your expertise is an effective way to invite more people to your site.  It also allows you to personally interact with them and start building customer relationship.

10)Join forum discussions. This is another way to spread links to your website and get to know more people as well.  Look for forums that discuss topics related to your business.   In these forums, you’ll surely find your target market – people who have genuine interest in your business.

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Luie De Von is a marketing consultant with Easy Postcard Marketing and has been providing consumers and business owners with marketing strategies. For years he has helped businesses to have more and growing clients through campaign internet marketing and business post card.

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