Top 10 Mistakes In marketing Google Adwords

Many online marketers use Adwords in promoting their business. However, some internet marketers commit adwords advertising mistakes without even realizing it. This results to wasted time and money due to ineffective advertising techniques. Let’s discuss the top ten adwords marketing mistakes to be avoided:

1)Not setting a marketing budget. Advertisers bid on Adwords for a higher ranking. If you will not set a limit on the amount to spend on your Adwords marketing, you can find yourself spending unreasonably on your bids.

2)Not considering the conversion rate of your keywords. Some marketers rely too much on the click rate without considering the conversion rate at all. Remember that even if you get a large number of clicks, if they don’t turn into actual sales, you end up spending more on your advertising without getting much in return.

3)Wrong keyword research technique. All advertisers use the Google keyword search tool because it’s free. However, it doesn’t give you a more detailed information on the real potential of the keywords. Better use a paid keyword search tool which enables you to analyze your keywords more closely.

4)Not writing relevant ads. Adwords isn’t just about choosing the right keywords for your ads. It’s also about writing ads that will convince people to click on your ads and buy your products. Never overlook this important step in marketing Adwords.

5)Not checking statistics. Checking on your statistics require a closer analysis of the figures you get. It will help you compare how much you spend on Adwords advertising per day, how many clicks an ad gets, how many conversions you made and more. Keeping track of your daily observations will help you come up with better decisions.

6)Not paying attention to your products and services. All the promotion you make will go to waste if people are not satisfied with the products and services you offer. If they bought once, they’ll never buy again if you fail to deliver what your promise.

7)Giving up too easily. Not everyone who used Adwords experienced success at first try. Many of them had to learn from their mistakes, and do it all over again before they actually got positive results. Adwords advertising is worth the try and investment as long as you know your limit. Spend only a small budget until you learn the tricks and start getting better returns.

8)Not knowing when to switch. Be sensible. If your ad has made a thousand or more clicks but you didn’t you get a single sale, obviously, it’s not worth continuing anymore. If Adwords doesn’t work for you, there are other advertising strategies you can do that can be more suitable for your business. Don’t waste more time, money and effort on something that is clearly not working.

9)Not gathering e-mails. E-mail marketing is an effective way of promoting products and services. In most cases, a prospect would be willing to try a product after reading an advertiser’s e-mail. Don’t miss out the opportunity to collect e-mails from visitors by including an opt-in email field on your site.

10)Violating Google’s regulations. This is clearly the biggest mistake a marketer could commit. Before even joining the Adwords program, make sure you’ve read and understand all the rules to avoid violations.

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Luie De Von is a marketing consultant with Easy Postcard Marketing and has been providing consumers and business owners with marketing strategies. For years he has helped businesses to have more and growing clients through home based internet businesses and homebased business tips.

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