The Right Web Hosting For Home Based Internet Businesses

In setting up a website for home based internet businesses, one of the primary things to consider is finding the right web host. There are many small business web hosting companies online but not all of them can provide good service. Of course, everyone wants an excellent service at an affordable price. But how can you find the right web hosting service for your home based internet business?

Let’s discuss some pointers that every business owner must remember when choosing a web host:

Assess your needs.
In order to find a good web hosting service, you must first be aware of what you need from a web host. For instance, there are two types of servers available – a shared server and a dedicated one. Which one do you need?

Obviously, a dedicated server will cost you more but if you have a large company, this maybe what you need. On the other hand, if you are a home based business owner with a small company to run, perhaps you can settle a shared server and still get sufficient web space and bandwidth. Of course, a shared server will cost much less than a dedicated one.

How much web space do you really need? The amount of web space you need will depend on how you intend to use your site. If you’re setting a website primarily just to put up information, then that doesn’t require such a big web space.

Technical Support
Does the web hosting company offer a 24/7 technical support? This particular option is very important regardless of what type of server you choose. Your web hosting company should be available at all times and provide support should there be problems with the server.

See for yourself by trying out a web host’s technical support options even before signing up for the plan. Call their hotline, post a question in a forum, or join their live chat support and see how well the representatives respond to your needs.

Remember, down times will severely affect your business. If a prospect visited your site and finds it down, chances are that the customer will not revisit the site again and instead check out a different company. Down times can rob you of potential customers coming to your site.

Although there is not a web host that can give a 100% uptime, you shouldn’t settle for a host that is down 25% of the time. Check first on what its existing customers have to say about the host’s reliability.


A good web hosting company should offer flexibility for its clients. For instance, a customer should be able to upgrade or downgrade the web hosting plan without any hassle. A customer should have a choice of payment options such as monthly, quarterly or yearly terms.

Don’t lock yourself in a web hosting service that requires you to sign a one-year contract. If you do, it will be very difficult for you to make adjustments when you need to. More importantly, the web hosting company should have a money back guarantee in case it fails to provide the services it promised.

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