Points on Google Search Algorithm

If you own a business website, why should you be interested in understanding the Google search algorithm? Does it really matter whether or not your website is indexed by Google? Let’s see:

Your Google Ranking and Your Business

Google is one of the most popular search engines on the web. Most people who surf the Internet uses the Google search engine. It only follows that sites that are listed in the Google search results can reach out to more people around the world.

How so? Whenever an internet user wants to look for specific information, products or services, he or she will type in a keyword in the search bar to find a list of web pages that contains the keywords he/she used.

If your web page uses the keywords or key phrases that an internet user typed in, you’ll be part of the Google listing. Google can offer hundreds of web pages that contain those exact keywords. Thus, being part of the first page of the search results increases your sites chances of being clicked or opened.

Factors that Affect Your Google Standing

Keywords are not the only factors that can affect your Google search engine ranking. Another factor that can affect your page rank is your online popularity. How is this measured? Based on the number of one-way links and reciprocal links you build. If other webmasters with quality websites link to your page, search engines like Google will recognize your site as a credible resource.

Aside from using keywords in your article contents, it is also recommended to use them in your article titles, the pages of your site and the links you use. This makes it easier for web crawlers to find different pages of your website.

What else can affect your search engine ranking? Most search engines are still not capable of reading certain programming codes like Flash, Java, Javascript, etc. If possible, refrain from embedding these codes into your site and stick with HTML codes instead.

Can You Get to the Top?

Can you improve your Google rank by hiring SEO services? Yes! SEO companies that offer white hat search engine optimization techniques can do a lot to improve your search engine ranking at a sooner time. However, this doesn’t mean it can be done in an instant.

Don’t be fooled by promises that you can be on top of the Google rank in just a week or two. Remember, Google is not in partnership with any SEO service provider. No company can guarantee that you will get to the top spot in just an instant. In order to achieve the number 1 ranking, time and effort is needed.

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Maureen Stesson is a writer and a sharp internet marketer in her own right. For years, she has mastered the art of online marketing to snowball online success. She currently shares her knowledge in order for others to learn internet marketing.

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  1. With the growing popularity of search engines, Google is still considered on the top of them. So what better way to advertise your business is to be part of Google Search Engine. Invading the first page of the category you’re into is difficult, what more on being the number 1. It really takes time to get to the top. First you have to aim to be on the first page. Because people, I’m one of the guilty ones, tend to just browse the first page of the search results. So again, be creative and improve your site so you could work your way up to the top.

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