How Adsense and Google Altered Online Businesses

Surf the web, open any website and you’ll see Google Adsense ads somewhere on the page.  True, Adsense is everywhere on the web.  Even bloggers post Adsense ads on their personal blogs.  So what’s with this hype?

Many advertisers have started promoting their online businesses by listing with Google Adwords.  Because internet users simply type in keywords on their browsers to search for a particular product or piece of information, Google has found a way to attract advertisers.  By bidding on the keywords, advertisers can easily get a spot on the Google search results and get more sales and recognition.

Next Google Adsense was introduced and since then, ads are not only limited to search results.  The ads can now be displayed on any website or blog giving the ads more exposure and reaching out to more people.

How does Adsense Advertising Work?

Adsense is also a type of pay-per-click advertising. An Adsense member is given the chance to earn money based on the clicks that the ads generated.  The more people click on the ad links, the more money you earn.

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