Conventional Marketing vs. Permission Marketing

Permission marketing is a method of internet marketing where businesses ask for permission before sending promotional materials to their prospects. The term “permission marketing” was coined by Seth Godin, an internet marketer and author of best-selling business and non-business books.

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Do You Have a Customer-Focused Site?

Do you have a customer-focused site? If you have a business website, you should definitely be asking this question. If you search business websites, most of them are often promoting their services and products. This is okay but a common mistake for many of these business sites is they can get overly absorbed on themselves- what their business has to offer, what makes them the best in the industry, why customers should choose them over competitors, etc.

True, marketing is really about self-promotion. However, there’s a lot more to internet marketing. It’s not just about focusing in your business. On the contrary, the most effective online marketing strategies are focused on its customers. How so?

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What’s Good About Pay-Per-Click Advertising

One of the methods used in internet marketing is pay per click advertising. How does it work? First of all, advertisers choose keywords that they think internet users would use when searching for information, a product or a service that they need. Generally, an internet user needs to type in words in the search bar when looking for something.

For example, if you’re in need of children’s story books and you wish to buy online, then you’ll use your search bar by typing in the words “children’s story books”. When you hit enter, you’ll get results that are related to the words you entered. These are called keywords or keyword phrase.

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How to Get Links in High-Traffic Sites

Exchanging links to increase traffic on your business’s website may be an effective method of internet marketing but can also be time-consuming. Since running a business already requires a lot of your attention, you may have not much time exchanging links with different website owners.

Moreover, getting traffic on your website is a crucial internet marketing strategy. More traffic can put your website on the top page of Search Engine rankings. Hence, putting links in as many places as you can online will increase your chances of getting that top ranking.

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How to Use Newsletters Effectively

Internet marketing through the use of newsletters is an effective way to advertise your business. Here are some useful tips on how to achieve effective newsletter marketing:

Offer something valuable. With newsletter marketing, you need to convince people that they will benefit if they sign up for your newsletter. But don’t just make empty promises. Make sure you can deliver what you guarantee. How? By providing useful and valuable information. Make it a point that every issue of your newsletter has something that is valuable and new to your subscribers. Keep your articles interesting and unique.

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