Blogging: The New Generation Trend

Blogging is fast becoming a trend in the world of internet. The word “weblog” was coined by John Barger back in 1997. It was taken from the words web and log which means logging or writing entries in chronological order. Later on, Peter Merholz used the term “blog” on his own website. Since then, the term “blog” is used and not for long, it has become a common term accepted worldwide.

What are blogs?

A blog can be a personal journal which recounts events in a person’s life on a daily basis. It can focus on specific topics that interest the blogger such as movies, food, music, sports, politics, news or business. Blogs are made up of text entries, music, videos, photos and images as well as hyperlinks that lead to other web pages. The person who writes these entries is called a blogger.

Typically, blogs provide a comment box where readers or visitors can leave their views or say something about the entry. A blogger may receive both positive and negative feedback from his readers. Those who enjoyed what they have read may bookmark that particular blog and come back regularly for more reading.

Bloggers usually are members of a certain blog group or online community. Their blogs contain links to one another’s web pages allowing people to find other blogs that are connected to their interests more easily.

Free Blogs, Anyone?

Today, there are lots of hosting sites that provide free blogging for everyone. The most popular ones are Blogger, WordPress, LiveJournal, DreamHost, Xanga and others. These blogging sites often provide ready-to-use tools or templates that a blogger can use in designing his blog. This makes it easier and more convenient for bloggers to upload files and post new entries regularly.

Even those who do not have much knowledge in computer can learn how to use the tools and templates quickly. With the help of these blogging tools, many people have become more interested in blogging. Now, blogging is as common as browsing the web or checking one’s e-mail. There are many people, both young and old who have been addicted to posting entries on their blogs. In fact, blogging has made such a big impact over the internet that it is now widely recognized as a very effective tool in internet marketing.

The Power of Blogging
Today, blogs are not just used to post personal experiences. It can also be used to promote a cause, to create an announcement, to be part of a community, to teach and share knowledge, to promote a business, to gain recognition, to attract customers and to earn money.

Even personal blogs can be one’s source of income just by joining affiliates. Companies that use internet marketing strategy makes use of blogs to advertise their business. Bloggers are paid by advertisers simply by posting banners that link to their website. Other advertisers also pay bloggers to write a review about their products. Because many people spend a lot of time reading and visiting blogs, businesses are willing to pay these bloggers just to get recognition. So, if you haven’t started blogging yet, maybe it’s time you take a look at what you’ve been missing.

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Maureen Stesson is a writer and a sharp internet marketer in her own right. For years, she has mastered the art of online marketing to snowball online success. She currently shares her knowledge in order for others to learn internet marketing.

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One thought on “Blogging: The New Generation Trend”

  1. Internet has really come a long way. With new innovations and all. And blogging is one benefit we got from it. Before, we aonly keep our opinions and ideas to ourselves. Now, we can share it to others and they can even leave their comments and suggestions regarding our posts.
    A blogger who blogs about his personal infos or opinions regarding certain issues is some kind of a release for the person. It somewhat gives him the freedom.
    But for businessmen, blogging surely is one way of advertising their businesses. It can either be a blog about how he runs his business. Or a blog about a certain item or property he is selling. Or a blog explaining how his business works. Either way, blogging has served its purpose. And that is to create a communication line between the blogger and the viewing public.

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