Article Writing: A Powerful Tool

Internet marketing is increasingly becoming a popular marketing strategy. More and more businesses are using internet marketing to gain recognition and attract more customers in return. There’s no doubt that article writing is one of the most effective ways that online marketers use.

Why Use Written Articles?

Written articles attract a lot of readers online especially if they provide great information. When people read an article that has become useful to them or something they enjoyed, they always come back for more. Thus, the more visits your website gets, the better chances that people will patronize your business in one way or another.

People use the internet to search for topics that they would like to know about. For instance, if you are searching for possible treatments for certain illnesses, you can use online resources to learn more and find the information you need. Just by typing a keyword or a phrase on the search bar of your browser, you can get results of websites that have a written article related to the subject you’re looking for.

Search engines scan through websites on the web and if a particular webpage contains the keyword you typed, this webpage will automatically be included on your search results. Because there are thousands of web pages on the internet, businesses are competing to be on the number one spot. Why? Because people would most often than not, open only the websites that are presented on the first page of the search results. Most browsers wouldn’t even care to look on second page of the search results unless they are doing a very extensive research on the topic. If you’re website appears on the last page of the search engines, it will not be of much help for your business.

A few years back, some businesses used automatically generated articles or poorly written articles which contain several keywords within the content. The strategy is that as long as the keyword is there, search engines will pick it up. However, search engines today have become more exacting when it comes to written articles. Articles that have poor content or a duplicate in the web are often detected and dumped by search engines. Furthermore, websites who use such deceptive strategies can be banned from a search engine.

Hence, if you want to be successful with internet marketing by using written articles, you have to make sure that the articles you will be posting on your business’s website are originally written and have quality content to boot. If not, you may just be wasting your efforts.

Use Articles Effectively
An effective article not only gives information, it should be providing accurate and helpful information for its readers. Keywords should not be carelessly used. Instead, they should be used with utmost precision.

It is not just a question of putting the keywords in your article’s content but ensuring that the keywords are used correctly according to its context or meaning. Readers can easily tell if an article was written just for the sole purpose of advertising. Most of the time, they don’t come back for more reading. In contrast, people appreciate a well-written article that is truly aimed to help and inform them.

About the Author

Maureen Stesson is a writer and a sharp internet marketer in her own right. For years, she has mastered the art of online marketing to snowball online success. She currently shares her knowledge in order for others to learn internet marketing.

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One thought on “Article Writing: A Powerful Tool”

  1. Indeed a powerful tool it is! Writing articles not only advertise the product or the business but it also tells how the seller or businessman is. I mean, for example, I wrote an article regarding a product I am selling. Like an apple for instance. If I just wrote a few things about it, like, it is red and has seeds and delicious. Well it’s not a good article. Simply because you could also say these things about the apple. But if I said that it came from some place and how they grow apples there, and its sweet as sugar or things like that, then the consumer will have a better knowledge about the merchandise. You see, article writing should be precise and short but should also be inviting. And in addition to this, it also should contain facts. Informative articles? just perfect!

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