Advantages of Having Discussion Boards

One of the most popular ways of interactions used online is the forum or discussion board.  This is the place where people can post comments or reactions to a particular entry on the board.  Other people can respond to it which means everyone gets the chance to give his/her own share about the topic.

Unlike chat, forum discussions are not done in real time so people can read the posts even after days have passed and still respond to it on their convenient time.  For this reason, forums or discussions boards are very popular especially for those who have only a limited time to stay online.

The use of discussion boards in websites has been proven to be an effective way to increase web traffic especially for those who own an online business.  Let’s talk about the advantages of having discussion boards in your website.

Allows you to build up a mailing list.
Before posting in forums, it is often required for a participant to register the email address and name before posting the message.  For internet marketers, this is a more convenient way to build up your own mailing list which you can use in the future.  When it’s appropriate, you can send e-mails to your forum members without seeming intrusive or spammy.

Learn new information.
Try to visit a discussion board about a particular topic and you’ll surely learn new information by reading the messages posted on the board.  Most people who participate in forum discussions have questions or needs help about a certain issue which has relevance to the forum’s topic.  Other forum participants who are knowledgeable about the issue willingly share what they know and answer the questions.  Thus, there is an exchange of ideas and information where everyone can learn from.

Boost your web traffic.
Having your own discussion board guarantees huge traffic especially if the topics discussed are interesting.  You can expect people to come back on a regular basis to post their own comments.  Of course, they would want to know if there are any replies to their posts and respond accordingly.  This cycle continues as long as people have something to say about the issue.

Lets you show your credibility.
By providing useful answers to questions on the board, people will recognize your expertise on the subject.  They are more likely to check out your website if there’s anything they need that you can offer.  Whether it’s a product or a service, people often patronize a company that they know and trust.

Builds relationship.
Lastly, having forum discussions is an efficient way to build relationship with people online.  Through constant communication with members of your forum, you gain their trust and reliance.  In turn, you do not only gain web traffic but potential customers for your online business as well.

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  1. I agree with you that discussion boards is an important factor in every site. through discussion boards you can have feedbacks from customers or visitors of your site.

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